Friday, April 28, 2006

Competency Development Plan-Critical Success Factors

  • Support and commitment of senior account leaders and managers
  • Atmosphere of trust: It is important to encourage honest self/peer evaluation
  • Communication: Reiterate that this is an initiative for employees' learning and professional growth. These competencies empower the employees to take charge of their careers, direct their own personal development, continually self-evaluate and improve
  • Communication: Emphasize that the initiative is not connected to the performance appraisal. If it is felt necessary to link this initiative with appraisal, consider evaluating performance only on delta improvement the account member exhibits as an outcome of training

Note for the learning consultants:

  • Evaluate leadership’s commitment to the initiative. Tailor the solution based on their level of enthusiasm or commitment towards competency development. That means, if your understanding is that the account leadership might not be able to commit to the time for the above process, reduce some substeps from the above process.
  • Draw up the blueprint of the plan, any tools needed for the process, get senior management buy-in
  • Brace yourself for tough daysthere will be many days when you will fight a lonely battle. Keep up your motivation and celebrate every progress! I am still into the process and its not easy!

1 comment: said...

Do you believe there is any trend afoot to develop competencies in corporations in the US?

My feeling is that companies are missing the boat. They could tie competencies to selection, assessment, training, coaching, performance appraisals encompassing all factors of talent management.

Barb Ashbaugh
Trade Secrets