Saturday, October 29, 2005

Formative Evaluation

  • Conduct one-on-one, small group discussion, field test
  • Employ informal talk, short test, discussion, survey form (any/few)
  • Evaluate training needs, objectives and methods
  • Determine the improvements that can be made on the training program
  • Determine if supplemental information can cater for the additional training topics identified
  • Implement suggestions that make sense

Monday, October 24, 2005

Strange Incident in Office

A team member called me on my cell phone last morning, "Aradhana, I am not coming to office."
me: "You're taking leave?"
tm: "No, I am not coming. The questions that I forgot to include in the script...."
me (interrupting): "Are you saying you are not coming back to office? Are you leaving the company?"
tm: "Yes" (!!!)

In the afternoon, her colleague/friend comes to me, "Aradhana, its not that she's got another job. She was just scared to face up to you after the mistake she made."
me: "Which mistake?"
colleague: "The questions she forgot to add to the script she worked on. We made her understand and now she wants to come back." (!!!)

Decision to leave a job based on a mistake as basic as this, communicating leaving a job by a simple phone call and then conveying intention to was a strange incident.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Elearning on a decline? Just one thought...

Of late, I'm hearing that e-learning is on the decline. That our world is changing--e-learning would soon get replaced by say, mobile learning (learn anywhere, even while riding back from work). That the tools are getting smarter--allowing organizations and corporate to cater for their training needs internally without having to go to the training companies.

The way I see it, these developments are great! We might then have within reach a breadth of media--ILT, online basic (say, e-briefings), online advanced (e-learning), WBT, mobile and a blend of all these. Most likely one media would not win over another. Just as radios, television, films, theatre and television have a definite place in the entertainment world.

If organizations cater for their training needs through inhouse teams (with tools getting simpler and more powerful), our expertise would demanded for times when the training does not need to be just rapid but both effective and extensive. Whether e-learning/training shops become niche or not, my bet is that the market will continue to need skilled IDs.

Cheers to the good times ahead!