Monday, October 24, 2005

Strange Incident in Office

A team member called me on my cell phone last morning, "Aradhana, I am not coming to office."
me: "You're taking leave?"
tm: "No, I am not coming. The questions that I forgot to include in the script...."
me (interrupting): "Are you saying you are not coming back to office? Are you leaving the company?"
tm: "Yes" (!!!)

In the afternoon, her colleague/friend comes to me, "Aradhana, its not that she's got another job. She was just scared to face up to you after the mistake she made."
me: "Which mistake?"
colleague: "The questions she forgot to add to the script she worked on. We made her understand and now she wants to come back." (!!!)

Decision to leave a job based on a mistake as basic as this, communicating leaving a job by a simple phone call and then conveying intention to was a strange incident.

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