Sunday, August 21, 2005

Why is it OK not to be SME while Developing Courseware

  • Instructional design principles remain the same irrespective of the content.
  • its analyze content not as a subject, but at a higher level--what is the key problem the training intervention is trying to address? Based on the content provided, what objectives contribute towards the solving the problem? How do these objectives tie with the interactions so that the course is within the the scope? What would be the evaluation criteria?
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) might consider some concepts as a given while providing content, without considering the audience profile.
  • The language used for the online media is direct and straightforward. ID-SME collaboration helps to break complex concepts into simpler, easily understandable content.
  • Audiences tend to think within their departmental/team silos. Even within the team, people have different levels of subject knowledge. IDs use their skill with content to preempt questions for all levels of learners.