Thursday, January 11, 2007

Link Performance and Talent Management

Most organizations seem to have minimal linkage between the employee development goals agreed at the end of the performance review and talent management handled by the training teams throughout the year. Any attempt to link the two is either met with resistance from the employees (for example, line managers might not consider this activity important enough to allocate time) or is too complex to handle operationally (for example, it might be tough to come to an agreement on various overlapping human resources and training policies).

I find this situation surprising. Development goals seem to be one of the most viable inputs for drawing up training plans especially since employees are typically more motivated to pursue these goals. To the set of trainings thus identified, if we map the trainings specific to the account competency development plan, we have a unified training plan for an employee for that year (or any duration specific to the organization).

The above training plan integrates the employees individual development goals with the organizational competency development plan. As a result,
I can bet it would help improve employee learnability and overall motivation. The organization would correspondingly enjoy improved productivity and hopefully lesser attrition.