Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another Leadership Model

Develop Vision>Share Goals>Gain Support>Deliver Success


Being a Situational Leader

To direct, coach, support or delegate based on the commitment and competence of the team member in that situation, seems to work for me. Over the last couple of years I have consciously practiced situational leadership model with the teams I have led. My ultimate objective is to be able to delegate a slice of work and get quality output. Once there, the team member moves to higher challenges and we go through few of the other phases again. So far, I have had a little over 1 percent attrition. I guess some of this success could be owed to the situational leadership model.

Likewise, I feel more motivated when my manager is able to assess my level of commitment and competence for a given task and align his/her response accordingly.

Situational leadership model really seeks to analyze a given situation as a function of the person's will and capacity to perform the task. Because of this reason, this model finds its application outside the professional environment as well.