Monday, November 20, 2006

Courseware Localization

Brainvisa's RapideL product enables SCORM compliant rapid eLearning development in 22 languages. No, I am not advertising RapileL since I haven't used the product. I am just happy to learn that there are localization products focussed on elearning in the market.

A few years ago, I worked on an elearning course that needed to be localized in 15 different languages. This project not only threw up design challenges in building a course in multiple languages and geographies (which was fun) but also brought in a sizeable communication overhead in working with the external vendor.

With localization products, hopefully the focus would remain on designing sexy courseware in multiple languages.


Anonymous said...

Oye Kudi........

Photo main pura psycho laag rahee hai.. :-)


Aradhana said...

Learning kar kar ke pagal ho gayi! :)