Monday, March 27, 2006

Competency Mapping: Introduction

What are Competencies?
  • Competencies are general descriptions of the behavior or actions needed to successfully perform within a particular [work] context (e.g. job, group of jobs, function, etc).
  • Competencies are increasingly applied across human resource functions to drive both employee and corporate performance.
  • Employees learn, develop and refine many of their competencies over the course of their careers.
Competencies are used to:
  • Translate the organization’s vision and goals into expected employee behavior
  • Identify areas for employee development that are directly linked to desired outcomes and organizational objectives
  • Target training monies into areas that will realize the most return on investment (ROI)
  • Identify gap between present skills and future requirements
Other tangible benefits

  • Recruitment process
  1. Define the selection criteria based on the available and required skills
  2. Determine the evaluation areas for prospective candidates
  3. Determine the number of resources needed
  4. Reduce hiring costs
  • New projects
    1. Match account member skills with the requirement for a new project
  • Account member exit (from account or company)
    1. Ensure retention of the essential competencies for the success of the account

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