Thursday, May 04, 2006

Competency Development Plan-Formats

Impact mapping
This format is used to collect data pertaining to the strategic competencies of the account from the account leaders. This format also assists the learning consultant (LC) to have a focused and effective discussion with the leaders while at the same time assists the leaders to think through/justify their training requirement. The LC asks leaders questions like—“Why is this competency important for you”, “How does this competency link with the overall unit objectives”, “Where do you see your group headed in the next 6-12 months. What competencies would your team need to meet this requirement?”

Click here to view the format.

Competency rating by leaders
Once the LC collates all the data collected during impact mapping, a a comprehensive list of comptencies is identified. The leaders now rank the competencies in order of its importance for their group. This allows the leaders to not only view list generated after inputs from all leaders within the group but also communicate the relevance of each competency to their specific team.

Click here to view the format.
Click here to view the format with sample data.

The competency rating by all the leaders was then consolidated. Those competencies were identified to be built into the team which:

  • Scored an average of four and above on the importance scale
  • Were marked five by any leader (even though the average score was less than four)

Self/Manager review of individual competencies
Self and manager review was then conducted. I hid the manager column while sending the spreadsheet to the employee and vice versa to assist in fair assessment.
Click here to view the format.

Please note that tool is currently semi-automatic. It should work in the current format for an account size of less than 15 members. However, for a larger team size, this tool is best automated, if possible.


Anonymous said...

Could not open any formats

Aradhana said...

Ahh...please give me sometime to rectify this post. In the meanwhile, if your requirement is urgent, I could mail the formats to you. Let me know where. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is eko,
May i ask you something? If i want to set a competency development guide, what kinds of informations should i write in it? thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aradhana,

I am currently working on a developing a competency development plan for a leading engineering company. I would appreciate if you could share some format for a development plan. thanks!

Aradhana said...

I have finally uploaded all the formats for everyone's access. Please feel free to refer and download them. Hope you find them helpful. Best of luck!