Saturday, February 05, 2005

13 Checks while Reviewing a Script Document

While reviewing scripts, I ask myself-

  1. Is the course/lesson/module titled properly?
  2. Are the lessons structured in accordance to the instructional strategy?
  3. Is the numbering for the lesson/interactivity/page correct (so that when the course goes into production there are minimal clarifications from that team)?
  4. Do the content blocks belong to the lesson that they are placed in or are they more suitable elsewhere in the course? If so, which location?
  5. Does the script follow the style conventions adopted for the project?
  6. Are the sentences grammatically correct?
  7. Is there a sentence that is long and difficult to understand? If so, how can it be modified to make it easier to understand of the learner?
  8. Are the instructional texts for interactivities/lessons/pages provided?
  9. Are the course/lesson objectives mentioned in the beginning of the course/lesson and revised again at the end?
  10. Do the assessment questions appropriately address all the core components of the lesson?
  11. For a series of courses within a curriculum, is the script style and instructional/directional text consistent? If not, point out the deviation.
  12. How does the course initiate the learner feedback?
  13. Does the course have an orientation module? If not, investigate why not. If yes, does the orientation module appropriately address all the functionalities within the course?
Best practices:
  • Always, always, always - be polite.
  • Give reasons why the change is being suggested.
  • Provide solution(s) wherever possible.
  • Compliment the writer for places where the script is clean.

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