Monday, April 18, 2016

Druva University 2.0 Launched!

On Tuesday, April 12 we launched Druva University 2.0.

On this day, an announcement marking the launch of the new Druva University, a single destination for all Druva education and training was sent out to all Druva customer and partner contacts. Druva University provides training videos, instructor-led classes, technical webinars, and other learning resources to support customers journey with Druva.

So much went into that announcement - drawing up a vision, debating the nay-sayers and calling out the callous mess they create, making skimpy budgets work, plugging gaping holes with own labor and being reminded over and over again that your network of friends/ambassadors at work are key to making things happen...successfully! 
Here is a short video on how to register for a session.
Instructional design approach for the University.

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