Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Attributes of a Successful Product Manager

There are so many articles around this topic on the Web! I decided to add one more. :) Here's my list:

Know your stuff…really, really well: 
1.     Quantify business goals
2.     Rationalize each item in the roadmap
3.     Seek clarity on minimum viability
4.     List out product must-haves
Be inclusive
1.     Validate functionality
2.     Leverage relationships to fine-tune design
3.     Be open to ideas

Communicate effectively
1.     Be conscious of the information need that the audience is seeking
2.     Evangelize the product aggressively
3.     Provide clear direction on what needs to be achieved
4.     Support decisions with facts
5.     Remain focused
6.     Listen
Be a staunch customer advocate
1.     Focus on details
2.     Follow-up
3.     Be a stringent gatekeeper

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