Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's my downtime

Well, so it happened to me as well. Bad global markets, poor financial results, deep budgets cuts, my position ethered (just coined this word. I like the sound of it)! Anyway, so here I am looking for work. While I want the wait to end, the wait has been pretty good...really! A gorgeous son, California spring/summer, camera, and MacBook with its photo and video editing capabilities, need to take their rightful place in this feel good feeling. Stuff I do these days:
  • I catch up on the latest trends in performance consulting, organizational learning and development, and instructional design.
  • I try out new tools for learning solution development.
  • I enjoy blue sky thinking on the merits and application of each tool in an overall learning intervention.
  • Over time, I now recognize learning leaders as people. One leader I admire tremendously follows me on Twitter!! Cool!
  • I sit back, review, and analyze my professional life, and think about the next steps.
  • I hone my selling skills as I get more entrepreneurial.
  • I meet new people, revive old relations, and realize how important others are to my success.
  • I accept that not all people will help me when I need.
  • I have renewed admiration for professionals in corporate America who work, survive this tough market, and still know how to enjoy the not quite welcome times.
  • And finally, I totally get what Obama meant when he said, keep building your body of work - it is never enough.

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