Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Funny lesson

Yesterday, I was reminded of an hilarious but powerful lesson on learning solutions design that I learned many years ago at my workplace. At that time, I had a habit of changing my computer wallpaper on a daily basis. My wallpapers or probably my habit typically attracted a lot of attention. One day a team member told me that she too wanted to learn how to place personal pictures as wallpaper.

To keep it simple, I told her verbally--select a picture, right click the mouse, select Set as Wallpaper option... that's all! A couple of minutes later, I sensed frustration from my colleague's desk and so I went by to check out. She had taken a physical picture of her family, placed the mouse physically on top of the picture, right clicked the mouse and wondered why it didn't work!

After digesting what I saw, I demonstrated the steps for her. I returned back to my seat with an experience that besides making me smile every time also compels me to remove any scope of content misinterpretation based on learner's prior experience.

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