Friday, December 08, 2006

Success story: Former employee profiled on CNBC Young Turks

While watching Young Turks on CNBC, I found a profile particularly fascinating-

Ayyappa Nagubandi, 28, started his professional life as a security guard. He joined Satyam Computers as a receptionist but soon discovered his talent for web design. He was provided opportunities within Satyam to grow as a web designer. By the time he left the cafter six years, he was a team lead and had supported clients in the US, Singapore and Europe. He left Satyam to launch his own company, TrulyIntelligent Technologies. NowPos Online Services (shortened form of Now Possible), the company’s first subsidiary, offers free voicemail over the Internet, aimed at users in developing countries with connectivity but little literacy. Tens of thousands of users in countries like Vietnam, China, and South Korea have already registered for the NowPos service ( NowPos was rated by Frost and Sullivan as one of the top 20 Broadband Innovations in Asia Pacific.

Ayyappa Nagubandi’s journey from being an office boy (correction based on inputs from Ayyappa. See comment.) and a receptionist to being a founder of an organization with cutting edge technology is motivating. However, what impressed me more was Satyam’s culture of encouraging talent and providing growth opportunities for all associates across the board.


Ayyappa Nagubandi said...

Hi Aradhana
Thanks for the article. There is a small correction. My dad used to work as a Security Guard at a bank and I worked at that bank as a Office Boy.


Aradhana said...

Your comment was a wonderful surprise! Thank you for helping the post remain accurate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aradhana
I am an friend and college of e-Learningtyro. I have been visiting your blog frequently. I am working as an Instructional Designer and as a Training Manager for a while. Please do share some of the softwares that an ID should be an expert of. Also, please do share with some of the effective training methodologies.

Yamuna Latha said...

When opportunity strikes at right time one can achieve heights much easily, ofcourse with good determination.. Not all gets the same..Hats off to genius Ayyapa Nagubandi and i have heard of him from one of my close friend too. His dedication is something extraordinary..

Will Mr.Ayyapa consider a really determined person and give her a chance as Satyam gave him few years back???...I expect his reply regarding this..

I dont have his email id..else def i would have asked him directly the same question.Anyhow thanks for this blogger who helped me share my views.

teja sravani said...

hi latha,

i'am sure ayyappa will surely consider the person and give him/her a chance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yamuna Latha
I visited this blog after a long time hence the delay.

I will surely give an opportunity if the person is really dedicated.