Sunday, October 15, 2006

Things to do during Downtime

One of my friends once made grilled sandwiches for the entire team in her downtime. She became our hero since she saved us from the (company provided) oily snacks we would've otherwise been served. The sandwiches were terrific! However, making sandwiches is not really my way of using downtime. Here is what I would rather do-
  • Improve my academic qualifications.
  • Enhance knowledge: training, research, company resources.
  • Get to know more people in the organization.
  • Learn more about the organization.
  • Handle technical snags, machine upgrades or software instalation on hold.
  • Blog.
  • Get in touch with old friends.
  • Volunteer help.
  • Start a project using the tools and resources at my disposal.
  • Research on companies in the same line of business and follow the industry trend.
  • Use company's recreational facilities.
  • Participate in events organized by the company.

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