Saturday, February 18, 2006

Online training space

Why was it necessary:

  • No single go-to location for all trainings conducted in the organization. The employees had to go to different locations to view the training calendar and register, take an online course, visit virtual library or submit a training request. This was chaotic for most employees who preferred to speak to the training manager each time rather than keep tabs of the urls.
  • Additionally some urls changed over time. Not all employees made not of the change communication.
  • There was no single location to house the different newsletters brought out by different units, training updates or forthcoming initiatives.
  • Project-related knowledge and resources were not being captured at an account level.
  • Employees referred to various elearning courses on the Net. It important to collate this data to ensure we build a learning organization.
  • Different teams used different programs for processes that needed to be standardized. For example, induction.

How was it accomplished

  • Identified a location frequented by the employees: Project dashboard.
  • Identified the position of the link: Prominent-top, center.
  • Content sections:
    -In the spotlight: Current trainings, newletters.

    -Submit your learning request: Links and formats that allow leaders to submit their learning request.

    -Instructor-led training: Link that allows employees to nominate themselves/team for the current trainings.

    -Online learning: Online resources such as links to the elearning courses within the company and those relevant on the Net.

    -Account-specific training: Induction files, process training resources.

    -Learning Center sites: Links to Learning Center website, sites that support learning such as library and technical message boards.

    -Shout Out!: Feature that allows associates to volunteer to become a faculty or send feedback on trainings conducted.

    -Learning Consultant Corner: A section that profiles the training manager, lists the training policy for the account.

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